vibes 2021

trend report

A new concept and a true journey in material, texture and colour that makes any design pop. Two trend themes, inspired by all corners of the globe. Trend spotters, trend setters and early adopters set the moods and spirits of the future.

As of 2021, vibes will be issued annually, with masses of inspiration, articles by and for designers and two inspirational mood boards, one for architecture and one for industrial design, each containing five key colours to guide you in the colour trends of powder coatings for the future.

They will be your guideline for colours and effects for metal substrates in architecture and industrial design. Find out more about the different effects, finishes and qualities and how to put them to good use in your projects. You’ll be overwhelmed by the possibilities of powder coatings!

Each edition of vibes comes with a handy fan deck with actual sample panels of the colours highlighted in the magazine.  

Request your issue of the trend report and the sample panel fan deck via this page!

Architectural Trend Selection

In architecture, we can see tension between the industrial and the crafted elements that represent the ‘human touch’. 

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Design Trend Selection

"Silence will also be visually translated into the design through soft colours, subtle textures, minimalistic lines and surfaces." 

Order your copy of the vibes trend report via the contact form on this page to read the full story.

Which colour do you feel characterises the city you live in? We asked different architects who live and work in Istanbul. 

In 2021, Sally Put, ColourDesign & Communication Manager for Europe, chose the first colour of the year in the Axalta powder coatings palette.


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