Do you have a metal substrate project to be finished with powder coating? Then visiting one of the Axalta ColourSelectors, installed at our partners across Europe, is the easy solution to make your colourful choice. Let them guide you in both quality and colour!

The ColourSelector displays coated sample panels of our 490 most popular colours in Alesta® AE, Architectural Polyester and Alesta® SD, SuperDurable quality; not only do you get the opportunity to see these colours in real life, but also to feel the texture of the different finishes.

How does it work?

Click the map below to find the colour selector partner that’s located closest to you to make an appointment.

During your visit you can remove the sample panels from the wall allowing you to touch, feel and evaluate the colours, effects and finishes.

Each panel contains our colour code and a QR code.

Simply order the selected reference by scanning the QR code via our ColourSelector web-based application.

We take care of the shipment of the panel(s) to you, free of charge.

Contact & visit one of our partners and let them guide you through the world of Axalta colours!

If you’re interested in making an appointment, you can use the map below to find the colour selector partner that’s located closest to you.

View ColourSelector in a full screen map

Input your location in the "search bar, enter and the nearest ColourSelector partner will pop up.

To visit our partner, click on the name of the company and you will be redirected to their website where you can contact them for an appointment.