Environmental Footprint

Key facts about Axalta’s bio-based offering

  • COSMOS certification considers Gotalene® RS series as a 100% natural ingredient confirming it is completely harmless to the environment.
  • Gotalene micropowders used in exfoliating products are made of resins which are inert and non-toxic to marine life.
    Furthermore, PLA powders are not ecotoxic for micro-crustacea or algae (source: Soluval Santiago Analyses Environmental (Couvet, CH), N/réf. 8738).
  • PLA resin used for the production of Gotalene RS is biodegradable according to EN13432 (09-2000) (“OK compost”), complete biodegradation is obtained in 40 days (in composting conditions).
  • Considering the density of the Gotalene RS (>1), increasing the probability that the particles will settle out of the liquids and be collected in the sewage sludge at the waste water treatment plant (WWTP). Additional information describing typical municipal waste water treatment processes is available for review. Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets are also available upon request.
  • A current academic study simulating the sedimentation of PLA in rivers has demonstrated that after 250 metres there are no more PLA particles in water nor in sediment. The study supports the hypothesis that PLA powder is completely retained in the primary step of WWTP. Further information upon request.
  • Popular belief is that seeds, nuts or minerals are the best answer to the microbead issue. These natural ingredients are not the universal remedy they appear to be, learn more about the three main concerns that disappear when using Gotalene RS series.
  • Despite the fact that Gotalene RS is formulated with biodegradable plastics, Axalta does not warrant or otherwise represent that Gotalene RS is suitable for use in rinse-off cosmetics in jurisdictions where plastic microbeads have been banned for use in such applications.