Gotalene Bio-Based

Gotalene® RS natural exfoliating products are 100% bio-based as they are derived from plant sugars. These highly efficient and well-tolerated powders are an ideal starting point to create innovative, sustainable face and body exfoliators. Gotalene RS410 and RS411 are both based on biodegradable Polylactic Acid (PLA) high quality GMO-free bio-polymer, hence they contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Gotalene RS411 is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved (the plant origin is certified GMO-free). Both grades are available in two different particle sizes (315 and 630 microns max). Gotalene RS bio-based offers the same features & benefits, applications and formulations as Gotalene.

Gotalene RS is a renewably sourced and proven alternative to PE-based exfoliating microbeads.

Typical applications

  • Exfoliating gels and creams for sensitive body parts
  • Face scrub cleansers
  • Body scrubs (gel, creams & butters)
  • Bath & shower products (gel, oil, cream, powder...)
  • Toothpastes
  • Lip scrubs
  • Hair care (shampoo, mask, conditioner...)
  • Hand soap cleaners (solid, liquid, cream...)
  • Exfoliating foot care
  • Massage candles

Regulatory information

  • Gotalene trade name is listed in the Personal Care Products Council International Buyer's Guide (formerly CTFA buyer's guide)
  • European Regulations: approved for all cosmetics applications (Directive 767/768/ED)
  • CAS number: Polylactic acid: 9051.89.2 (>99 %), Lactide: 95.96.5, Lactic acid: 50.21.5
  • Reach status: monomers are pre-registered
  • Contains no GMO, nor Glycol ether, nor substances of animal origin


For all other regulatory queries please contact us.

Key benefits of Gotalene bio-based

For users

  • Gentle and efficient exfoliation
  • Excellent skin tolerance 
  • Improve epidermis cell turnover for a healthier skin
  • Remove dead cells and smoothen the skin surface
  • Helps to unclog pores for a deep skin purification

For formulators

  • Chemically inert
  • Inhibit microbiological growth (no preservative, no gamma ray treatment required)
  • Several colors and particle sizes available: see RS Gotalene brochure and product guide
  • Well controlled particle size distribution: contains fewer fine particles, resulting in a more effective exfoliating action
  • Batch to batch reproducibility

Quality and Approvals

Gotalene® RS 411 Colorless 23 and 26 meet the requirements of the COSMOS cosmetic standard. This certification gives both formulators and users not only clarity about the product they chose but also confidence that Gotalene is a sustainable, environmentally friendly product which complies with the strict COSMOS requirements regarding toxicity, biodegradability and sustainable origin of the ingredients.

For Axalta Polymer Powders operations and site approvals please refer to the Quality and Approvals section.

For Axalta’s response to key concerns such as biodegradability, raw material compliance and microbeads-ban legislation please refer to the Environmental Footprint section.