Colour Tools

Value in a Hurry with every colour.

Whether you’re doing spot or overall repairs, whether you’re using solid, aluminium, pearl or xirallic colours, Nason offers more than 118000 colours to make matching a breeze. Axalta is able to offer you a series of tried and tested tools to help you determine colours and find mixing formulas.

The right tools.  The right results.

Nason Colour Software

Nason Colour Software

The perfect colour

Nason Colour Software is a user-friendly software platform to make colour formula retrieval quicker and easier.

Nason Colour Software gives you access to a comprehensive library of more than 118.000 colour formulas and integrated with our Colour Navigator it helps you to select the right formula from the start.  And a faster start leads to a faster finish.

Software is updated via internet to keep information accurate and comprehensive.

Nason Colour Software

Colour Navigator

Colour Navigator

Accuracy plus speed in your hands

This portable, hand-held colour measurement instrument is designed to be used directly on a vehicle or part to obtain the correct colour match and then transmit that reading into the formula retrieval system.


  • Portable, hand-held instrument designed to be used directly on a vehicle or part to obtain the correct colour match.
  • The instrument transmits the reading to the colour formula retrieval system.
    The colour formula retrieval system is designed to adjust the formula to produce an accurate match.
  • Selects the best formula when more than one is available to ensure the best match possible.
  • If no paint code is available, it will scan the entire database of more than 118.000 colour formulas to find the best formula to reduce shading time to a minimum.

What’s in the box:

  • Colour Navigator
  • Callibration set
  • USB Drivers CD
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual CD
  • 4 AA 1.5V non-rechargeable Alkaline Batteries (installed)

Nason Navigator