Best in Class Site Support
  • In plant product support
  • Customer alignment
  • Technical partnership and expertise 
Application & Process Support
  • Paint automation services (virtual and onsite)
  • Paint shop assessment
  • COATS – modeling of cost, energy & CO2 emissions
Complete System Solutions
  • PT/Electrocoat Management
  • Digital tools, analytics and quality control
  • Fluids (Mix Room) Management

We don’t just provide coating products and application systems, we offer partnerships. Our goal is to offer our customers the best coating systems for their business and to reinforce a quality experience in every interaction with Axalta.  We optimize the use of our products in production by monitoring paint shop controls, supporting sustainable commercial plant goals and keeping the lines of communication open with plant management.

On-site support

Axalta provides each customer’s manufacturing facility with an on-site expert who can aid in delivering a risk-free coatings process. Our experts are trained in chemistry, paint application technology, logistics and operations. Each is prepared to provide just-in-time service by keeping production running smoothly on the coatings line, resolving issues and quickly accommodating changes. This gives Axalta one of the most customer-focused service approaches in the industry.

Specialized Teams and Global Account Management

In addition to on-site experts, customers also have access to specialized teams that include a range of experts from engineers and color stylists to account managers and senior executives. We are organized like automakers, with specialized teams dedicated to each automotive system. Open lines of communication make it easy for customers to find the right resource at Axalta to work through specific requirements whether to develop a new coating line or solve a problem. Our on-site teams are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and service to provide guidance that can help our customers reach their business goals. Global account management and product management teams to provide a single point of contact for efficient service. Our global structure also allows us to provide consistency and uniformity in the color choices and other coating chemistry required from region to region.

Production Launch Collaboration

When a customer is ready to launch a new product, we are prepared with the tools to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Whether developing a new paint shop, managing a major change, introducing new technology or simply upgrading existing sites, we immediately put together a specialized team to determine customers’ goals and develop a fit for purpose plan of action.