Electric Vehicles

Around the world, automotive OEMs rely on Axalta to deliver performance, exceptional color palettes and smarter surface solutions for better living and a sustainable future. With major OEMs investing in vehicles powered by Lithium-ion battery packs, Axalta Mobility is able to offer multi-functional coatings for battery components and high-performance electrical insulation solutions.

Along with corrosion, UV protection, color, appearance, chemical and weathering resistance, Axalta is supporting OEMs as they make this revolutionary transition to Electric Vehicles to ensure their automotive coatings will endure fire protection, battery optimization, thermal insulation, and battery cover. 

Axalta’s solution for EV Battery Solutions 

Axalta offers many dielectric power coatings specifically designed for battery components. 

  • AquaEC™ is a sustainable, water-based electrocoat solution that provides a reliable mechanical strength and first layer of superior corrosion protection over a variety of substrates, including hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and magnesium.

  • Plascoat PPA 691 is the world's most used thermoplastic coating for lead acid battery boxes. 

  • Alesta® powder coatings have various application areas within the battery solutions due to their durability, versatility, and environmental advantages. Learn more about our battery solutions.