Autonomous Vehicles

Axalta strives to exceed the expectations of autonomous vehicle manufacturers

As the automotive industry converts to autonomous driving, Axalta has continued to innovate smarter surface solutions to meet the needs of autonomous coatings. Axalta has been a leader in the coatings industry for more than 150 years. We have a legacy in innovation and it is at the core of our business. Our long-term success is rooted in providing for our customers with next-generation products and services.

What is our role as a coating company?

With autonomous vehicles trending in the automotive industry, Axalta’s role as a coatings company is to innovate autonomous surface solutions and advanced applications. Some goals that we have for autonomous coatings include maximizing system transmission to ensure accurate object detection as well as minimizing reflection inside the bumper to avoid signal distortion. 

Optimizing Design Freedom and Safety for LiDAR and Radar