About us

More than 150 years of innovation and expertise. We were one of the first companies to introduce effect colours incorporating aluminum, pearl or xirallic tints.

With our impressive heritage, we have the technical resources to develop innovative product technologies for superior finishes and surface protection

Axalta Coating Systems supports the marine industry with Imron Marine Finishes. This product line brings a high-performance product portfolio to today’s marine industry, which combines ease-of-use, durability and environmental compatibility in a virtually unlimited colour choice.

From contemporary coatings to innovative surfaces and materials suitable for everyday use, this range of beautiful, long-lasting coatings fulfils all the requirements of the market. The extensive selection of innovative products is complemented by outstanding services for yacht designers, shipyards and marinas, as well as the entire periphery of marine industry decision-makers.

With Imron Marine Finishes, Axalta Coating Systems provides a paint system specifically developed for yachts, sailboats and power boats, advanced product technologies for superior protection, and environmentally-friendly products to achieve a brilliant appearance coupled with long-term UV resistance. The innovative product technology of Imron Marine Finishes translates into optimum repairability and buffability for a mirror-like finish backed by the yacht industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty.

Whether it’s a small touch-up or a complete re-spray, Imron Marine Finishes products are designed to exceed the most stringent standards for appearance and durability and keep users compliant with current and future environmental regulations.

Axalta Coating Systems also provides manuals with detailed specifications for new yachts and refits, accident repairs and surface maintenance information. The results speak for themselves – yachts and vessels painted with Imron Marine Finishes require less finish maintenance over time and keep their good looks and aesthetic value for longer.