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Glass and Ceramic Coatings

Eleglas, is designed to keep glass and ceramic fragments together in the event the item is broken. Eleglas can be used on a wide array of glass and ceramic surfaces, and is available in different standard and custom colors. Eleglas is a single component water based stoving polymer which, after x-linking produces a hard but elastic, adherent film on glass and ceramic containers. Eleglas coatings are designed to provide a high resistance to chemicals, scuffs and abrasions, wet adhesion, as well as cold storage and dishwasher cycling. Eleglas meets the aesthetic requirements of the glass container market, and fits in the standard glass container market application processes.

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Eleglas Decorative Coatings

Tintable clear coatings that provide beautiful finishes to industries such as cosmetics and luxury packaging. 

Eleglas Fragment Shield 

Waterborne coatings designed to hold glass fragments in place in the event of breakage.