Corroless Protective Coatings

Formulated to protect against the most corrosive environments, Corroless products have been protecting vital iron and steel structures from the expensive ravages of corrosion for over a century. From environments ranging from desert heat to offshore storms, Corroless offers companies with a cost-effective solution for long term protection. Axalta’s suite of protective coatings including VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) technology as well as rust stabilizing primers, shield metal components against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals. These anti-corrosion products provide longevity to your assets and act as a barrier to inhibit the contact of chemical or corrosive materials.  

Tested to the most demanding standards by independent, national and international authorities, Corroless is a proven real-world solution to your corrosion control needs.

Key Industries Served

  • Oil and Gas
  • Wastewater
  • Tank Terminals
  • Structural Steel
  • Bridges

Corroless Pipe in Pipe

Corroless Pipe in Pipe is a patent pending, sprayable structural composite lining for new pipes and the restoration of existing pipes.  The technology has more than 40 years of field use in pipe lining and external pipeline protection.

Pipe in Pipe is formulated as a carbon fiber reinforced, solvent-free, hybrid polyurethane coating to provide the stability you require.  By incorporating carbon fiber reinforcement, the coating is designed to deliver maximum strength and durability. For restoration cases, Pipe in Pipe is designed to remain intact even after the original pipe has decayed away.

Key Benefits

  • Low film thickness required
  • Low wear rate
  • Low wear rate in abrasive flows
  • Excellent strength and stiffness
  • No shrinkage
  • Suitable for all metallic and cement lined iron pipes
  • Customized pipe base thickness can be incorporated for highly abrasive flows
  • Customized applications