All under one roof

The Axalta Color Solutions Center layout makes it quicker. We know how time-sensitive things are in the paintwork business, and therefore we have taken a different path: with Axalta’s 1-room solution, which has been implemented for the first time with the Axalta Color Solutions Center.

Laboratory, production, warehousing and distribution in one hall

Efficiency and short lead times offer savings in time and cost – especially when coordinating the development and production process. In the Axalta Color Solutions Center, everyone works together, as the hall's layout is explicitly designed for a more direct approach and fast communication. This means that a laboratory employee can monitor the production of a formula in exact detail at any time, or an urgent order can be passed on to production without any time being lost. This makes us as fast as a small specialist manufacturer, but at the same time we can offer you the reliability of a globally active company.

This spatial proximity doesn’t just have a positive effect on the speed of the product production, but it also promotes the sharing of experience. This because everyone is fully informed about all the processes involved and is trained accordingly.