Quality tailormade for you

Tailor-made and faster than ever before

The Axalta Color Solutions Center mixing station makes it possible. Even our standardised formulas allow you to use a multitude of customised properties for your coating. In conjunction with our own adjoining laboratory at the Axalta Color Solutions Center, we will provide you with your customised formulas – from simple modifications all the way to completely new products.

  • Viscosity
  • Hardness
  • Colour
  • Gloss
  • Surface
  • Application

Our comprehensive tests guarantee you precise and reliable results

The broader and more specific your requirements, the more there is that will need to be tested. That means: You define your individual requirements; we adjust the coating accordingly and then carry out tests based on your exact specifications.

What we offer:

  • Measuring a vast range of physical properties for liquid coatings and solid coating films.
  • Measuring colours according to automotive standards and the latest state of the art.
  • Identifying rheological properties of coating materials (viscosity curves, flow curves).
  • Performing numerous on-site tests for you in accordance with DIN, VDA and customer-specific standards: Corrosion tests, climatic tests, stone chipping, outdoor exposure, accelerated weathering, etc.

This is the only way you can depend on permanently reliable results. And this is the only way you can profit from a smooth workflow for the application.