Small-Scale Production

More than the sum of its individual parts

The Axalta Color Solutions Center is a different and completely new concept. Here, we can act quickly and flexibly, as a small specialist manufacturer, but at the same time we can offer you all the resources and reliability of a global company. And that's across all areas of production - from the mixing station right through to production from scratch.

Production from scratch – customised results for line trials and new customer business

The Axalta Color Solutions Center aims to provide high-quality coatings with customised properties in the shortest possible time, and in small quantities up to 25 litres. This way, we can envisage it taking approximately one week from receipt of your order to your customised finished product to be delivered to your door. Your line trials with new products can be done very quickly, making it much easier to generate new customer business.

Moreover, customers ordering from us for the first time receive small test quantities of the desired product quickly and easily. We produce larger quantities in excess of 25 litres in our regular operations at our production sites in Wuppertal and Guntramsdorf.

Mixing station – fast and customised for you and your customers

Your product is mixed individually in our mixing station. Colour and viscosity can be adapted accordingly. The desired product is usually on its way to the customer 24 hours later.

The Axalta Color Solutions Center laboratory provides the necessary data to the employees at the mixing station and in the production area. The formulas developed there are then immediately applied to the products. This results in tailor-made products and short delivery times.

Close links to Axalta’s resources, capacities and know-how mean that we can guarantee compliance with industrial quality standards, even in the case of later large-scale production.

In-house laboratory

The Axalta Color Solution Centre offers a whole host of benefits. It has its own laboratory with a direct link to production. This enables us to develop, test and produce your coatings quickly and completely.

Our laboratory makes it possible.

We can manufacture almost immediately with existing formulas and together we can work on new developments. Our own laboratory is based right next to the production line and is at the heart of this process. Equipped with the latest technology and experienced personnel, we are able to deliver better results to you faster. The link to Axalta’s resources, capacities and know-how are also key factors in saving you a lot of valuable time.