Refinish Customers

The art of vehicle refinishing demands the very best products and a commitment to total customer support. At Axalta, our close interactions with our customers provide us with the information we need to continuously innovate.  From coating systems offering an array of paint colours and tints to colour matching and application know-how, the refinish craft requires a blend of skills that must come together to provide a result that meets customer approval each and every time. Axalta provides refinish coating systems for passenger and commercial vehicles that enable the refinish shop to meet this demanding goal.

The process starts with the coatings themselves.


Our refinish products, ranging from surface preparation to undercoats, basecoats and high gloss clearcoats - are each formulated to meet the needs of body shops operating in different climates and coating different substrates such as metals, plastic and the newest composite materials. Our latest third generation waterborne coatings are designed to meet stringent environmental standards while providing better coverage with fewer coats than conventional products. 

Axalta's leading refinish brands


 Standox®, Spies Hecker® and Cromax® – are recognised in bodyshops around the world.  To meet the demands of a range of refinish technicians who need quality products at different prices, in selected countries we also offer a range of refinish products including Challenger®, Duxone®, Nason®, Imlar® and CorMax®.

Some products may not be available in every country.