Pipelines, Valve and Rebar Coatings

Axalta functional powder coatings serve the vital oil and gas sector. Our Nap-Gard® brand of fusion bonded epoxy thermosetting powder coatings prevent corrosion on the exterior and interior of underground and sub-sea oil and gas pipelines from short distribution feeders to transcontinental pipelines for major oil and gas transportation. Nap-Gard also meets requirements for valve and rebar used in construction.  

Nap-Gard powder coatings offer decades of performance and a world of experience. Since 1954, Nap-Gard fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings have been the innovator behind many of the practices used today in coating pipe with epoxy coatings. Available in single, dual, and multi-layer systems Nap-Gard was developed to provide maximum corrosion protection of internal and external pipe for oil and gas pipelines, gas risers, hydrants, wire mesh, potable water and rebar for concrete structures. The latest development from Nap-Gard offers a coating with added high temperature tolerances that enable wells to drill more deeply.

Axalta’s Abcite thermoplastic powder coating meets regulatory requirements for potable water pipelines. Abcite has been certified in accordance with NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects thermoplastic powder coatings, which are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including pipes and fittings for drinking water systems. NSF International is a global independent public health and environmental organisation responsible for standards development, as well as product testing and certification. The Abcite 1060 powder coating system has also passed the strict requirements of ISO 20340 for single layer protective paints for applications offshore and related structures.