Automotive Components and Other Specialised Applications

Specialised metal coating dip, spray and electrocoat liquid coating systems and Axalta powder brands are valued by general industrial customers for use on a diverse array of end-use applications.

Electrocoat Products


Axalta Coating Systems is one of the largest electrocoat producers in the world, supplying E-Coat products to most major light vehicle original equipment manufacturers and a wide range of general industrial customers. We offer a portfolio of qualified electrocoat products formulated to meet unique customer needs with a complete range of the latest generation technologies and a team of technical experts to provide service and support.

Axalta’s electrocoats are high-performance products that are formulated to provide reliable mechanical strength and superior corrosion protection. Each is water-based, and therefore helps support environmental goals, and is formulated to ensure superior performance over a variety of substrates including hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and magnesium. We offer a variety of E-Coat formulations including tin-free products, low VOC and HAPs-free systems, and formulations with special benefits such as improved edge protection, low temperature bake capability, improved throw power and weather durability.

AquaEC™ is the new name for Axalta’s entire line of electrocoat products. A single name with a single purpose, the AquaEC portfolio of products will continue to provide a unique combination of science, technology and process understanding to support commercial applications. 

Specialised Metal Coatings


Specialised dip and spray metal coatings have been developed and manufactured for more than 100 years in a dedicated facility in Guntramsdorf, Austria, where one of the world’s first water-based coating systems was produced. A number of products are provided to meet the specialised needs of our customers. 

Lutophen® coatings for interiors of drums have excellent chemical resistance against a multiplicity of filling goods. Formulations build on long-term experience and are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and EU food regulatory bodies. 

Known for excellent chemical resistance, high corrosion protection and outstanding elasticity, our Chemophan® and Lutophen product lines protect automotive parts such as brake and fuel lines are. Stoll-Aqua™ and Syntopal™ waterborne and solventborne basecoats for alloy and steel wheels are recognised for excellent adhesion and colourfastness. 

Powder Coatings


Axalta powder coatings are designed to meet the performance standards set by leading manufacturers and industry organisations. They feature robust formulations designed to result in fewer line stoppages and a uniform finish which can save both time and money and are intended to provide the right combination of toughness, durability, beauty and value. Available in a wide array of RAL and standard colours and surface effects, we feature over 400 stock products ready to ship same day.  

From wheels and exhaust systems to radiators and battery boxes, Alesta® has been tested and approved by major light vehicle OEMs and their suppliers. Alesta powder coatings are easy to apply and feature robust formulations that result in fewer line stoppages and a uniform finish—saving both time and money. The complete line of Alesta powder coatings provides innovative features such as high temperature resistance, chrome-look, metallic finishes, low-energy use and non-TGIC polyesters.

With Alesta powder coatings, colour and surface finishes are easily adjusted to meet designer needs, without compromising weatherability, elasticity and impact and abrasion resistance. Our primers deliver outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance, high degassing properties, and excellent flow. Clearcoats deliver high brightness and light stability, excellent exterior durability and chemical resistance. Single-layer decorative and functional coatings are very flexible and deliver high corrosion protection.