Alesta® powder coating brands serve a variety of industrial applications.

Alesta® AP is a complete range of architectural polyester products formulated especially for aluminum, steel and galvanised steel applications. They have excellent mechanical and weathering resistance properties and are therefore suitable for outdoor use.  Alesta® AP products conform to AAMA 2603 standard and comes with 10 years warranty under certain conditions.

Alesta® SD has superb outdoor durability thanks to its special polyesters and hardeners. Available in different colours and gloss levels, Alesta® SD conforms to AAMA 2604 standard and comes with 25 years warranty under certain conditions.

Alesta® EE is a powder coating with very good anti-corrosion properties, good flexibility and mechanical resistance. The excellent chemical and mechanical properties make the Alesta® EE range particularly appropriate for anti-corrosion, electrical insulation and indoor decorative protection. However, because of their low UV-resistance, Alesta® EE powder coatings re not suitable for applications subject to direct sunlight or artificial UV light.

Alesta® EP is a powder coating specifically formulated for industrial applications. It is designed for use in different applications but not on substrates exposed externally. This epoxy-polyester range offers very good corrosion protection and high mechanical properties but with limited UV-resistance.

Alesta® ID is a TGIC polyester powder coating suitable for various industrial applications both for indoor and outdoor. The TGIC-free range of powder for the same applications is offered under Alesta® IE.

Alesta® ZeroZinc anti-corrosion primers are formulated using high-density crosslinking (HDC) technology, creating a completely sealed coating that isolates the substrate from its environment.

Alesta® AG anti-graffiti coatings easy-to-clean properties protect surfaces in public and non-public places from the permanent effects of spray paint and marker graffiti. It has outstanding exterior durability due to excellent chemical resistance, very good UV weathering and outstanding film hardness.

Alesta® AP - P, an innovative powder coating especially developed to create wood effects on metallic substrates following a process of application of two layers powder on powder. It is now possible to create natural surface effects with a powder coating. The “powder on powder” process allows you to obtain a wood effect by applying two consecutive layers of powder coating in different colours.

Alesta® UL is ultra low bake powder which is especially suitable for heat sensitive substrates such as MDF and other wood-based materials.

Alesta® AM is a proprietary powder performance coating that uses environmentally sustainable silver ions to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces.