Electrocoat Products

Axalta is one of the largest electrocoat producers in the world, supplying a full line of cathodic AquaEC E-Coat products to major light vehicle original equipment manufacturers and a wide range of general industrial customers. We offer a portfolio of qualified electrocoat products formulated to meet unique customer needs with a complete range of the latest generation technologies and a team of technical experts to provide service and support.

Axalta’s electrocoats are high-performance products that are formulated to provide reliable mechanical strength and superior corrosion protection. Each is water-based, and therefore helps support environmental goals, and is formulated to ensure superior performance over a variety of substrates including hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and magnesium. We offer a variety of E-Coat formulations including tin-free products, low VOC and HAPs-free systems, and formulations with special benefits such as improved edge protection, low temperature bake capability, improved throw power and weather durability.

The AquaEC brand family includes all of the Axalta electrocoat products available in the past, including the full range of CorMax™ and ElectroShield products and others that already used the AquaEC name. While the names of the products might have changed, everything about the individual products – quality, formulations and technology - remain the same. Behind every product, we deliver outstanding support and service from outstanding people.