Celebrating 90 Years of Iconic Colour

Colour Tools at your Fingertips

You live the importance of colour every day. With the more than 70,000 shades of colour on the market, weather damage, vehicle age and manufacturing differences, even the most eagle-eyed refinisher can use a helping hand to accurately determine the right colour formula.

From solid to metallic, pearlescent coatings to Xirallics®   refinishers can rely on Axalta to help choose the best colour match through our extensive “Professional Colour Tool” range.  Tools that include the Colour Inspector, Acquire spectrophotometer, online colour retrieval software, colour boxes, fan decks, tinting charts, posters and more.  


The Acquire allows refinishers to measure colours directly from the vehicle body. It identifies solid colours as well as complicated metallic and Xirallic® shades and transmits the information to a computer, where it is checked against the data stored in the colour retrieval software.  


For fast and accurate colour matching at the touch of a button refinishers can simulate differing light conditions and intensities, making metamerism visible and improving colour accuracy.  


Our colour tools are linked to a global database. This ensures that colour formulas and colour-related information, including OEM trends, new pigment technology and colour variations from the field, are always available to you.

The software returns a formula which can be sent directly to an electronic scale together with a specification of precise quantities. Apart from quick access to thousands of mixing formulas, the programme also offers comprehensive colour and production information, safety data and processing information.  


The Colour Boxes have become permanent features in most bodyshops. Handy colour fans coated with Axalta paints allow the colours to be directly compared with the vehicle’s original paint. The code and the name of the colour shade can be found on the back of each sample. The colour documentation is updated regularly. 


The Fan Deck system is organised in chromatic order by manufacturer with a scannable barcode on the reverse side of the deck. Each deck is sprayed with actual paint, using the same basecoat and clear coat process that would be used in the bodyshop and are reinforced with a laminated back to prevent folding and curling.  


Tinting tools are an invaluable reference for any bodyshop, offering refinishers reliable information about different tints and finishes at a glance. Handy shading tables provide instant insight into the effect of adding or removing a tint.