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Color-Gen Report

Color-Gen Report

Color-Gen report captures the preferences of three major driving demographics, Gen Next, GenHere&Now and GenLux

The Color_gen report, is Axalta’s 2017 automotive colour collection designed to help car manufacturers understand the colour preferences of different generations of drivers. The collection captures the preferences of three distinct driving demographics: GenNext, GenHere&Now and GenLux.

The Color_gen report complements the annual Automotive Color Popularity Report, now in its seventh decade of publication, and the company’s Automotive Color of the Year which is Gallant Gray in 2017. In combination, these three resources provide automakers with customers’ colour choices in the prior year, the latest trending colour, and a glimpse into what will drive consumer decisions in the future, respectively. 

The report examines additional perspectives of consumer age groups, such as their ambitions, personalities and lifestyles.  It looks into what makes a particular generation tick, because these factors influence decisions when it comes to choosing an automotive style, brand and colour.

According to the Color_gen report, GenNext is comprised of people ages 16 to 35, GenHere&Now includes individuals aged between 36 and 55, and GenLux represents those aged 55 and over. Different age groups demonstrate colour preferences based on their lifestyles and aspirations, providing Axalta and its customers with an opportunity to tailor colour formulations that will fulfill their tastes.

Axalta’s colour initiatives – such as trend mapping and popularity forecasts – offer tremendous advantages to our key auto OEM customers interested in using the resources we provide to innovate. Our customers count on Axalta’s more than 90 years of color expertise to help them become first-movers in the market.

Axalta established the first-ever Color Advisory Committee 90 years ago, to craft colours specifically for cars. Since then, Axalta has remained committed to innovative color technology and continues to build on its tradition of providing customers with dependable insights into consumer color trends. Axalta also provides vehicle manufacturers and collision repair technicians with one of the most extensive color databases in the world which consists of more than four million colors.