Sustainability Initiatives

Axalta supports initiatives in our key markets that align with Axalta’s environmental goals, our dependence on water, and the contributions that our coatings make to resource conservation by increasing the durability and productivity of our customers’ products.

Wetlands Conservation

We partner with Ducks Unlimited, the largest non-profit organization engaged in wetlands maintenance and restoration in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Axalta supports Ducks Unlimited projects that are located near our major manufacturing facilities. The work that is done benefits our employees and community members alike through wildlife refuge and other natural projects.  In Mexico, funding makes it possible for residents of poor communities adjacent to fresh water lakes, to have running water and dry toilets, in turn helping to restore the ecological balance.

Planting Forests in China

A tree planting ceremony for the “Axalta Forest” launched our support of China’s Mother River Protection Program through a multi-year grant to the China Youth Development Foundation. The purchase of trees, seeds, and fertilizer to plant and maintain 11,000 trees will expand the Xiahuayuan forest area near Beijing. Local schools support the project and have introduced students to a curriculum on ecosystems. Additional trees have been planted by Axalta employees and members of the community of Ordos in Inner Mongolia. 

Axalta will continue to support STEM-related and sustainability programming. These areas are important to our company, our research, our manufacturing, and our future.