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Transportation Coatings

Questions about PercoTop?

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Ludo Feyaerts

Axalta Coating Systems BV.
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2800 Mechelen

+32 15478769 Ludo Feyaerts

PercoTop® Putties

To complete the PercoTop® range, Axalta Coating Systems has the right putty for every job. From the putties for smoothing out large surfaces with medium to coarse surface defects, to putties that can be used at high temperatures, we have the full range.

PercoTop Putty CS160

A high-quality 2K polyester putty for standard jobs. Pin-hole-free application, good sanding characteristics and excellent compatibility with infrared drying equipment make this the ideal putty for smaller jobs.

PercoTop Sprayable Putty CS161

A 2K spray putty developed for smoothing out large surfaces with medium to coarse surface defects. Easy to apply with a gun and easy to sand.

PercoTop High Temperature Putty CS162

A 2K putty based on unsaturated polyester resin technology designed to have a 30-minute pot-life combined with optimum drawing ability for pin-hole-free application on large and very large surfaces. It has very good sandability to boost productivity in the paint shop. This putty resists high temperature so that it can be over-coated with powder – max 30 minutes at 180°C.

PercoTop Thixoflex Putty CS165

A 2K polyester putty with thixotropic behaviour, which makes it suitable for high-build applications. Easy application and good sandability produce a stable, pore-free surface with strong hold-out.