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Transportation Coatings

Questions about PercoTop?

Please contact:

Eric Bertrand

Axalta Coating Systems France
1 Allée de Chantereine
F-78711 Mantes La Ville 

+33 (0) 130928128 Eric Bertrand

PercoTop Clearcoats

We have the right clearcoat for every situation.

Depending on the customers’ requirements, PercoTop Clearcoats are available in medium as well as high solids versions. The 2K polyurethane clearcoats are the right choice for any clear over base system that needs a first-class finish. The clearcoats offer a high-gloss appearance and good flow and can easily be used over PercoTop Basecoat. Also many PercoTop Topcoats can be overcoated with PercoTop Clearcoats, resulting in a top-class shiny look.