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Questions about Electrocoats?

Please contact:

Frank Wiefling

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH
Horbeller Straße 15
50858 Köln

+49 2234 6019 2740 senax.jvrsyvat@nknygnpf.pbz

Technology and Service

AquaEC products use patented technology to provide superior performing corrosion resistant coatings. Our electrocoats meet or exceed rigorous specification requirements and are approved in most markets. AquaEC products are designed to protect while providing a robust operating window that will enable customers to meet their goals and achieve great performance. Under the AquaEC brand, we will continue to provide process and technical solutions backed by continued innovation designed to simplify and improve a wide range of applications.

Beyond technology we also strive to increase customer profitability with competitive pricing and improved material productivity. Expertise in E-Coat chemistry and processes enable us to advise customers on the best product applications and insights into ways to streamline manufacturing systems. The optimal process and technology are developed to offer world class performance. AquaEC customers will be assigned a dedicated E-Coat representative from Axalta who can provide expert technical advice and serve as a process consultant.