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Questions about Electrocoats?

Please contact:

Frank Wiefling

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH
Horbeller Straße 15
50858 Köln

+49 2234 6019 2740 senax.jvrsyvat@nknygnpf.pbz

Cathodic Coatings

AquaEC 3000

AquaEC 3000 is a tin-free family of epoxy-based primers that have been the electrocoat of choice for many European manufacturers of automotive parts and automotive accessories, electric housings, switch gear and computer components. It offers excellent mechanical properties, good chemical resistance and superior corrosion protection. AquaEC 3000 is particularly valuable when corrosion on parts with sharp edges is an issue. 

AquaEC 5000

AquaEC 5000 is a family of single layer cathodic e-coat primers based on acrylic resins that are highly UV resistant. They have been specially developed to provide excellent coverage on the first run. Their long-term weathering resistance, mechanical properties and powerful corrosion protection make these e-coats ideally suited for bulk coating of outdoor equipment. As with all of Axalta’s E-coats, AquaEC 5100 and AquaEC 5500 are environmentally responsible and HAPs compliant due to their lead-free, water-based formulations.