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Questions about Electrocoats?

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Frank Wiefling

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH
Horbeller Straße 15
50858 Köln

+49 2234 6019 2740 senax.jvrsyvat@nknygnpf.pbz

Anodic Coatings

AquaEC A200

Formerly Aqua AED 200

AquaEC A200 is a 1K polybutadiene primer. Excellent levelling and good corrosion protection means this primer can be used as a universal system for coating bulk series of one color. Suitable for steel, iron and cast iron parts, as well as aluminum components after pre-treatment. As it is lead-free and chrome-free, savings can be realized on waste-water disposal. AquaEC A200 was formerly known as Aqua AED 200.

AquaEC A400/A600

Formerly Aqua AED 400/Aqua AED 600

AquaEC A400 is a 1K polyester single coat system while AquaEC A600 is the 2K version. Both come with excellent color stability mainly used for coating household goods and steel furniture. It is especially suitable for radiators and other interior objects with a complex shape because it offers outstanding throwing power. AquaEC A400 and A600 were formerly known as Aqua AED and Aqua AED 600.