Meet Roberto Vertemati,

our Human Resource Business Partner for Italy, Spain & Portugal

Name: Roberto Vertemati
Originally from: Brianza, Italy
At home: married with two daughters
Joined Axalta: January 2017
Before Axalta: HR at IT company
Hobbies: basketball, sociology, rock music (a Springsteen addict!)
Favourite vacation: Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Netflix recommendation: The Last Dance
Favourite book: Post Office by Charles Bukowski
Three words to describe you: optimistic, curious, pragmatic

Who is Roberto Vertemati?

This is a very difficult question. I’m not sure I can answer precisely! I'm someone who always tries to do his best, although I don't always succeed. I like to think of myself as an optimist and idealist.

What does your role involve?

Human Resources at a country level involves two key areas. The first focusses on local tasks, which is more administrative and linked to personnel management, including recruiting. The second is that of an HR business partner. This focusses on the organisational goals as well as on the personal and professional development of employees. And I’ve always preferred to work on this second area of HR.

Are there any key skills for someone in HR?

Every HR person has their own intuitive style that isn’t learned from books but rather is developed through their working experiences. For me, a fundamental characteristic of HR is to be able to listen to all employees, regardless of their role, anticipating their expectations and needs.

What is your advice on how best to deal with the pandemic and associated lockdowns?

Try not to be influenced by things you can’t control. My advice, both personally and as an HR professional, is to continue to work every day to meet your own expectations and professional goals. Continue to self-educate and be the best you can be, both for your colleagues and the company. And lastly, try to avoid staying in your comfort zones - which can be unsatisfying in the long run.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I’ve always been impressed by the enthusiasm and participation of employees in company initiatives – it’s a great sign of the whole team’s engagement with and passion for the company. Events that especially stand out are those the company held round the 150 years celebration and the Axalta in Motion initiative.

Thank you, Roberto for helping us to understand a little more about the multi-faceted role of HR within Axalta, and for inspiring us with your passionate way of working.