Voltatex 9127

Voltatex® 9127 is developed for the application on heavy round and rectangular copper and aluminium conductors as adhesion coat. Magnet wires insulated with Voltatex 9127 as adhesion coat combine high adhesion, good flexibility and abrasion properties.  Additional typical properties are the very good edge covering for rectangular wires. Listed test results based on Axalta Coating Systems standards, following IEC standards 60851.

Product Criteria

- Motors / Generators
- Automotive
- Transformers

- Primer
- CRS (Corona)

Product Features
Chemical base POLYAMIDEIMIDE (modified)
Thermal class 180 °C
For diameter range
1.00 − 5.00 mm
Solid content (1g, 1h, 180 °C)
26.0 − 28.0 %
Viscosity DIN 53015
1,300 − 1,900 mPas (25 °C / 77.0 °F)
Special characteristics
Primer for heavy round and rectangular conductor, superior adherence and flexibility 

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