9 Apr 2019

Axalta Wins Two Edison Awards for Revolutionary Innovations

Axalta is pleased to have won two Edison Best New Products™ awards at a ceremony in New York City on 4 April 2019, honouring products that demonstrate excellence in technological innovation, new product and service development, marketing, and human-cantered design. Axalta's Acquire™ Quantum EFX won Bronze and Voltaprem 5000 won Silver in the Materials Science and Engineering category.

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5 Apr 2019

Axalta and TAU Industrial Robotics Shed Light on Curing

Users of Voltatex insulating materials from Axalta can now exclusively have access to the newly-developed LILIT® (Light In-Line Insulation Test) to monitor and document the drying consistency of the coatings produced. LILIT is a product of Italian technology company TAU Industrial Robotics. It provides reliable and accurate test methodology of functional polymers, such as those used as synthetic resins in coatings.

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20 Mar 2019

Axalta launches Voltacast 3310 - a new epoxy resin in its Energy Solutions portfolio

Axalta launches Voltacast 3310/Voltacast H134, a new epoxy-based casting resin system that expands the Voltacast product portfolio of casting resins from Axalta’s Energy Solutions business. Voltacast 3310 is specifically designed to offer high thermal stability in combination with high thermal conductivity for winding head encapsulation or total stator encapsulation of electric motors, like servo drives or large machine tools.

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6 Dec 2018

Axalta Adds New Impregnating Resin Voltatex 4224 to Its Energy Solutions Portfolio

Axalta introduces Voltatex 4224, a new, low-emission impregnating resin that allows for the design of smaller and more efficient motors, and for the significant reduction of the operating temperatures of standard design motors. It is manufactured using renewable raw materials.

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4 Dec 2018

Axalta Launches Voltatex 1250V Fast - a Time and Energy-Saving Electrical Steel Coating

Axalta has added a new product to its Energy Solutions portfolio – Voltatex® 1250V Fast. It’s an electrical steel coating designed to save both time and energy when used on fully-finished and semi-finished electrical steel.

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23 Nov 2018

Axalta Presents on the Future of Electro mobility at EDPC in Schweinfurt, Germany

Axalta will showcase its electro mobility offering at the Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC) which takes place in Schweinfurt, Germany, from 4 to 5 December 2018.

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29 May 2018

Axalta to Showcase Voltaprem 5000 at CWIEME Berlin

Axalta will showcase a recently launched impregnating resin from its Energy Solution business at the Coil Winding Expo (CWIEME) in Berlin, Germany, from 19 to 21 June 2018 on Stand A13 in Hall 3.2. Voltaprem 5000 has been specifically developed for the insulation of medium- and high-voltage equipment, such as generators for the wind, rail and energy industries or rail traction motors and motors for general industrial applications.

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21 May 2018

Axalta Adds Voltatex 1175WL and Voltatex 1175WH to Its Energy Solutions Portfolio

Axalta introduces Voltatex® 1175WL and Voltatex 1175WH - low and high viscosity versions, respectively - of a self-bonding electrical steel varnish, to its Energy Solutions’ product portfolio. These two new electrical steel coatings replace the standard two component system, so no addition of a hardener or mixing is required.

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1 May 2018

Axalta Exhibits Its Energy Solutions Portfolio at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe in Hanover, Germany

Axalta is exhibiting its range of impregnating resins - which provide mechanical stability and insulation for electrical motors in full electric as well as hybrid vehicles - at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (EHVTE) Europe in Hanover, Germany, from 15 to 17 May 2018.

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7 Dec 2017

Axalta Introduces Voltatex 1230 – a New Electrical Steel Coating to Insulate Motors and Generators

Axalta introduces a new electrical steel coating - Voltatex 1230. Designed for use on fully finished electrical steel, such as small and medium-sized motors or generators, Voltatex 1230 is also suitable for small transformers or transmitters where good insulation and punchability is important.

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26 Oct 2017

Axalta Wins Award at ELROMA 2017 in India

Axalta's Energy Solutions business has won an award in the category of New Materials Development and Applications at the 9th International Conference on Electrical Rotating Machines and Drives (ELROMA) 2017 in Mumbai, India. Organised every three years by the Rotating Machines Division of the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA), ELROMA 2017 took place in Mumbai September 14 and 15 2017.

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31 Aug 2017

Axalta Showcases Electrical Insulation Offerings at 2017 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Axalta will exhibit its full line of Voltatex® products at the 2017 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (EHVTE) on September 12-14, 2017 at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan. Attendees may visit Axalta’s booth #817 to engage with experts on modern liquid insulation materials that are widely used in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

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19 Jul 2017

Axalta Makes Binding Offer to Acquire European and Chinese Operations of Wire Enamel Manufacturer IVA

Axalta announced today that it has made a binding offer to acquire the European and Chinese operations of IVA, one of the world’s leading wire enamel manufacturers, from its parent company Superior Essex.

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23 Jun 2017

Axalta Showcases Energy Solutions Coatings at EASA Convention

Axalta will showcase its Energy Solutions products, which have a proven track record with major manufacturers of electrical equipment across all segments, including energy generation, transformation and distribution, industrial motors, household appliances and power tools, automotive components, and electrical motors for the power-train of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, at the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (EASA) Convention at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida on June 26-28, 2017, booth #948.

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15 Jun 2017

Axalta Introduces Voltalube Wire Enamels

Axalta has announced the launch of Voltalube, a new line of lubricants. Voltalube is designed to ensure excellent wire winding in electric motors, generators and transformers, and to reduce the risk of wire breaks during the production process.

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13 Jun 2017

Axalta Exhibits Energy Solutions Products at CWIEME in Berlin, Germany

Axalta is exhibiting its Energy Solutions products and services at the Coil Winding Expo (CWIEME) in Berlin, Germany, from June 20 to 22, 2017. Axalta will present the newest additions to its Energy Solutions portfolio, which are designed to provide insulation and corrosion protection for electrical conductors and components. The company will also introduce its new brand, Voltalube, a new line of premium-blend wax lubricants.

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31 Mar 2017

Axalta Launches New Website for Its Energy Solutions Business

Axalta has launched a new website for its Energy Solutions business -

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15 Mar 2017

Axalta Showcases Energy Solutions Portfolio for Sustainable Industrial Insulation at CWIEME Shanghai 2017

Axalta is showcasing its range of sustainable Energy Solutions products at 2017 Coil Winding, Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) opening on March 15-17, 2017, one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in the world for the coils, winding, insulation and electrical sector.

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14 Dec 2016

Voltaprem Impregnating Resin

Axalta introduces Voltaprem 5000, a new one-component impregnating resin. It has been specifically developed for the insulation of medium- and high-voltage equipment, such as generators for the wind, rail and energy industries or rail traction motors and motors for general industrial applications.

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18 Nov 2016

Axalta Introduces Next-Generation Voltatex 7145A Wire Enamel Coating

Axalta has recently introduced Voltatex® 7145A, a new generation of its THEIC-modified polyester wire enamel series. The new product offers improved application on both horizontal and vertical application lines, as well as on high-speed enamelling machines.

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24 Oct 2016

Axalta Launches New Self-bonding Electrical Steel Coating

Axalta has developed a new one-component self-bonding electrical steel varnish called Voltatex® 1175W-1K. The new varnish offers longer shelf life and significantly improved handling with the same technical performance as standard two-component systems.

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21 Sep 2016

Axalta Launches New Generation of Waterborne Impregnating Resins

Axalta announces the introduction of the Voltahyd® 2250 series T, M and E electrical insulation coatings, the company’s first waterborne impregnating resins available in China.

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13 Jun 2016

Axalta to Celebrate 150th Anniversary at CWIEME Shanghai 2016

Axalta displays its entire Energy Solutions product family and newly developed industry applications at the Coil Winding, Insulations & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) taking place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center in Shanghai on June 28-30, 2016, booth number D23 in Hall 2.

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2 Jun 2016

Axalta Adds Laboratory Process Equipment to Support EV, HEV and PHEV Applications

Axalta has announced the recent addition of laboratory process/low-volume production equipment to support product development of secondary insulations, resins and varnishes used in the manufacture of EV, HEV and PHEV, drive motor and generator applications.

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3 Jun 2015

Global Certification by Underwriters Laboratories for Voltatex 4204

Axalta has received certification of its one-component impregnating resin, Voltatex® 4204, by the independent global product safety testing and certification organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The resin is formulated specifically for use in electrical motor, generator and transformer applications in thermal class 180 (H).

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