Voltatex 1250V Fast

Voltatex® 1250V Fast is designed for use on fully finished and semi-finished electrical steel. Mainly used for rotating and static machines of all sizes, especially when the material is exposed to high thermal stress and a good weldability and an outstanding punching behaviour is important. Furthermore this material safes energy due to strongly reduced curing PMT.

Product Criteria

- C5

- e-mobility
- motors

- light grey

Main properties:
- annealing resistance
- high-speed punchability
- weldability
- free formaldehyde content < 0.1%

Product Features
Chemical base Polyurethane / Melamine
Thermal class acc. DIN EN 60085
Flow time acc. DIN 53211 @ 20°C
70 - 80 sec
Solid content acc. DIN EN ISO 3251 @ 110°C / 2h / 1g
40 - 45 %
pH value [DIN ISO 976] @ 20°C
7.5 - 9.5
Storage stability  @ +5°C - +30°C 4 months

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