Improve topcoat coverage with Duxone’s Coverage Booster

Duxone has launched a new system to help refinishers achieve good coverage in fewer coats. Coverage Booster uses three surfacers that can be used separately or mixed together to produce the optimal undercoat tone for the subsequent basecoat or 2K topcoat colours.

Coverage Booster comprises two new surfacers - Duxone DX64W and Duxone DX64G – which are used with the existing surfacer Duxone DX64B. By matching the correct shade of surfacer to the basecoat or 2K topcoat, refinishers achieve good coverage at the same time as reducing work time and material consumption

The new mixing ratio for Coverage Booster will now be indicated on every colour formula. Application will also be easier, as the standard 1:0.8 thinner mixing ratio for basecoats results in a lower spray viscosity. And the reduced basecoat film build will also improve the overall final appearance.