Paintshop Optimizer / Paintshop Cockpit

Raise your paintshop’s performance and profitability

Paintshop Optimizer is a unique combination of personalised consultancy from Axalta experts plus an advanced, Cloud Service called Paintshop Cockpit. Together they improve your paintshop’s profitability and day-to-day performance by giving vital information on relevant aspects of your paintshop operations.



Benefits & Key Features of Paintshop Optimizer

personal consultancy


Get expert, hands-on advice from your own Axalta consultant who will help you continuously improve performance over time and support you in achieving more profitable results.

optimized performance


Your Axalta consultant will evaluate your current status and customise your Paintshop Cockpit. It gives you a detailed overview of processes, material usage and employee performance. 

improved performance


Paintshop Optimizer – the combination of Axalta consultancy and Paintshop Cockpit – gives you key business information in an easy-to-understand way so you know where improvements can be made.

Benefits & Key Features of Paintshop Cockpit

spot new opportunities


By continuously monitoring every aspect of paintshop performance, you can spot trends and exploit them for business advantage.

enhanced job card management


Seamless integration with your current job card management system allows you to get more out of your existing resources while also providing extra beneficial alternatives for non-paint and other tasks.

clearly presented


Paintshop Cockpit’s enhanced KPI dashboard with extended KPI panels (based on paint and material data), advanced data reporting and exporting offers you a clear view of your paintshop’s key metrics.





  • 1-day F2F paintshop performance assessment
  • Training on Paintshop Cockpit
  • 2 x ½ day consultancy
  • 2x online KPI check call (annually)



  • 1-day F2F paintshop performance assessment
  • Training on Paintshop Cockpit
  • 2 x ½ day consultancy
  • Custom tailored action plan
  • 4x online KPI check call (annually)
  • 1-day F2F paintshop performance assessment (annually)

How it works

3-step process: Analyze. Optimize. Improve.

  1. Paintshop Optimizer is a consultancy service from the Axalta portfolio focused on the paintshop that measures and evaluates key performance indicators.
  2. After a brief assessment of your paintshop, we will create a baseline measurement of the paint area operations. By constantly collecting job data, we’ll then come to understand the performance and profitability parameters at play. Following that, we will agree on a follow-up program together to improve those indicators.
  3. Based on collected data and results, we will identify gaps compared to industry benchmarks and highlight opportunities for improvement.  We will propose programs and/or additional services from the Axalta product portfolio of business services to support your bodyshop’s growth needs. 
how it works

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