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Automated Paint Mixing System

Designed for use with Cromax waterborne systems, SpectraMixer reliably mixes materials and provides improved color matching, allowing painters to spend less time mixing and pouring paint.

With SpectraMixer’s unparelled accuracy, the system mixes only what is needed, ensuring color matches are precise and no product goes to waste. SpectraMixer’s intuitive software also notifies shops when a product is running low so it can be quickly refilled to maintain efficiency and proper inventory levels.

When tested in collision shops over a 12-month period, SpectraMixer proved to have an average cost savings of $200 a month and a 30% average improvement in color accuracy.

SpectraMixer at a glance:

  • Designed for use with waterborne systems
  • Accurate to a tenth of a gram
  • Automated system saves time and money
  • Software helps maintain proper inventory levels
  • System ensures precise color match and helps to eliminate product waste
  • Integrates with ColorNet formula retrieval system

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