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Comprehensive color reference, even for special effects.

Fan decks give you a comprehensive color matching tool at your fingertips. These decks contain a wide array of colors and variants to help you match the most challenging colors and variants, including metallics, pearls and special effects.

Each chip is sprayed with actual Cromax products for a real-life representation of the product, no guesswork required. And no guesswork should help reduce mistakes, wasted time and wasted money. And because our color scientists are constantly analyzing and documenting new color variants, decks are continually being updated in an effort to ensure ongoing accuracy.

  • Fan Decks help you quickly determine whether you will need to blend, tint, or use the color as is for color match.
  • Organized by manufacturer and in chromatic order for quick locating of colors and variants.
  • Update decks are provided with new color variants.
  • All new chips are supplied using an easy-to-update system so you can hang and go.