Corroless topcoats have been designed to optimise the effect of Corroless primers, to provide an excellent, complete Corroless system. Unlike traditional topcoats, Corroless topcoats have been reinforced with glass flake, to increase durability and the impermeability to moisture, for greater anticorrosive protection.

Corroless RF16 1K gloss finish Single pack, alkyd gloss, Corroless topcoat.
Corroless RF31 2K epoxy finish Two pack epoxy, Corroless topcoat.
Corroless RF35 White Epoxy Tank Lining (for Fuel) Epoxy high build coating for the interior of fuel tanks.
Corroless RF35 (2006) Epoxy Tank Lining (for Water) Epoxy high build coating for the interior of drinking water tanks.
Corroless RF65 2K PU Finish - semi-gloss Two pack polyurethane, Corroless semi-gloss topcoat.
Corroless RF61 2K PU Finish - gloss Two pack polyurethane, Corroless gloss topcoat.