Corroless™ ACO

Corroless ACO (previously named 'Acothane') is a range of highly specialised, state-of-the-art, two pack polyurethane, solvent free coatings for the pipe coating industry. The range includes Spray Grade for large areas, Brush Grade for smaller areas and Mastic Grades for repairs and welds, in addition to other special variants. Corroless ACO has been used in many countries throughout the world for major projects. Please consult Axalta Coating Systems to discuss your project requirements.

Corroless™ ACO Brush Grade Solvent free 2K PU For brush application.
Corroless™ ACO LV Sealer Solvent free 2K PU Sealer for concrete for Corroless ACO system.
Corroless™ ACO Mastic Standard Grade Solvent free 2K PU Mastic repair, normal temperatures.
Corroless™ ACO Mastic Rapid Grade Solvent free 2K PU Mastic repair, lower temperatures.
Corroless™ ACO Pour and Roll Solvent free 2K PU Floor and deck coating.
Corroless™ ACO Spray Grade Solvent free 2K PU For spray application (specialist twin-feed).
Corroless™ ACO Twin Pack Solvent free 2K PU Repair Kit for small areas.
Corroless™ ACO Weldcoat Solvent free 2K PU Weld coating.