Towrope and Winch

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Towrope and Winch



Marine and Offshore



The 750mm diameter AFT towropes were used only once every 6-12 months. Previous products used had failed to give adequate corrosion protection to the inner core, leading to concerns about the integrity of the rope. The client needed to be sure that the rope was protected internally and externally, and that the winch was also protected, so that the equipment would function when needed.


The items were jetted with fresh water and allowed to dry.


Corroless CCI 350 Grease.
Corroless CCI 400 Wax.
The towrope was laid out on the dock and CCI 350 was applied as it was rewound onto the drum.
The whole drum and winch assembly was then sprayed with CCI 400

Product (per coat)

DFT (per coat)

Corroless CCI 350

grease applied to towrope

Corroless CCI 400

sprayed overall