Offshore Silo System

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Offshore Silo System

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Protection of a series of new storage silos and associated pipe work. Customer had recently installed 8 steel storage silos that were blasted prior to installation. These silos were not to be used immediately and required to protection against corrosion until needed.


Blast Cleaned to Swedish Standard Sa 2½ of ISO 8501-1:2007.


Corroless CCI Powder - the volume of the 8 connected silos and their associate pipework was calculated and the required amount of powder for protection was added to the first silo, which was then sealed, except for one access point. Compressed air was fed into the silo, dispersing the powder through the other silos and pipework. The photographs show the blasted surface in good condition fully two years after application.

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Corroless CCI Powder

calculated amount dispersed into silos and pipework



This method of application has been adopted as standard for dry equipment.