Corroless – the Story Continues

In the 1960’s the toxicity of the coating industry’s premier anticorrosive pigment, ‘red lead’, sparked a major search for a non-toxic replacement. While zinc phosphate won the battle for uncorroded, blast cleaned steel, the unique Corroless rust-stabilising pigment has ever since been the choice of a select group of corrosion engineers worldwide for ‘rusty’ steelwork.

Recognising that maintenance painting was so expensive, the majority of this cost being access and labour, Corroless coating products have used the highest quality components from day one. Even the best of products needs to be specified and used correctly, so for decades the Corroless approach has been to partner with clients to advise on the best solution for any given protection project, and to advise and assist with onsite quality control, to achieve the maximum value for money. That’s why traditionally we have only supplied through expert ‘Regional Offices’.

Over the years, a range of products for various specialist end uses were developed, together with vapour phase inhibitors for those projects where the use of normal coatings is not possible. Corroless VCI products have found major use in the UK North Sea Offshore industry for decades.

This is why we say that Corroless has been ‘setting the standard’ for worldwide corrosion protection for nearly half a century.