Environmental Stewardship Initiatives

Axalta supports environmental stewardship programs and associated nonprofit organizations around the globe to promote clean water and air and support and protect habitats.

Wetlands and Watershed Conservation

Axalta has a multi-year partnership with Ducks Unlimited, the largest nonprofit organization engaged in wetlands maintenance and restoration in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Axalta supports Ducks Unlimited projects that are located near our major manufacturing facilities, thus benefiting employees and community members alike. Our projects in Mexico include installing wastewater treatment plants, dry toilets, solar heaters and biodigesters for residents of communities adjacent to freshwater lakes to improve water pollution.

We also partner with the Stroud Water Research Center in the greater Philadelphia region to promote knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.

Planting Forests in China

A tree planting ceremony for the “Axalta Forest” launched our support of China’s Mother River Protection Program through a multi-year grant to the China Youth Development Foundation. The purchase of trees, seeds, and fertilizer to plant and maintain more than 30,000 trees will expand the Xiahuayuan forest area near Beijing. Local schools support the project and have introduced students to a curriculum on ecosystems. Additional trees have been planted by Axalta employees and members of the community of Ordos in Inner Mongolia.

Environmental Stewardship in India

Axalta has partnered with the S.M. Sehgal Foundation in India to construct a 3-million-liter capacity pond in the drought-ridden Bhooriya Baas village in the Alwar district. This pond is used to collect and store rainwater in the community to support local farming and animal husbandry, the main sources of livelihood for the villagers. This project also involved the planting of more than 500 fruit plants to prevent soil erosion, provide shade, and revive the biodiversity of the area.

For more information on our environmental stewardship initiatives, please refer to our Sustainability Report.