Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST


The Metalux basecoat range is our flagship automotive refinish paint brand. 
Utilizing polyester resin technology, Metalux paint provides an accurate match for
thousands of colors.  Formulated with high quality range of lightfast pigments
to meet OEM color standards, the basecoat delivers excellent coverage and flow. 
The system offers a compact range of toners to simplify your inventory needs.

The Metalux product range features a full complement of hardeners,
primers, specialized toners, clearcoats, solvents and accessories to allow just the
right mix of price and value.


Pete Mahoney


Classes Offered

Product Knowledge

This start to finish automotive refinish class is 3-days of:

  • Safety Procedures and Equipment Training
  • Hands On Automotive Refinish Application Techniques
  • Refinish Product Fundamentals
  • Proper Automotive Refinish Processes
  • Safety Procedures and Equipment Training
  • Proper Product Application
  • Spray techniques to Improve Color Match
  • Tinting Advantage

Real-World Tinting

This 2-3 days class includes:

  • Effective Use of the Color Wheel
  • Advantage of the Color Wheel
  • Real World Tinting Process
  • Understanding How Spray Techniques Affect the Color
  • Along with Blending Techniques in Automotive Coatings
  • Different Approach to Blending

                                o Tri-Stage Refinish Made Easy.
                                o Proper Paint Gun Set Up for Color Applications.

Jobber Product Knowledge

This 1.5-day class includes:

  • Product Features & Benefits
  • Product Application (Hands On)
  • Product Positioning & Selling Tips