Primers, Pre-Coats, Base Coats and Clear Coats

For nearly a century, Axalta has honed the technology of developing primers, colorful base coats, and protective clear coats that have styled generations of vehicles. 

HyperDur Primers

Axalta’s premium line of primers offers optimized film smoothness and excellent adhesion properties. HyperDur products are formulated to offer chip resistance while providing a smooth surface for either separate base coat plus clear coat systems or single application monocoats. 

HyperDyne Pre-Coats

Formulated especially for use as part of Axalta’s waterborne and solventborne 3-Wet Harmonized Coating Technology system, HyperDyne pre-coats provide the foundation for great appearance and durability. The pre-coat technology is intended to aid wet-on-wet layering and requires only a single curing step that is designed to reduce energy costs and increase line productivity. Application can even eliminate the capital investment for ovens that are required for traditional high-temperature cured primer. Axalta’s 3-Wet system can provide physical properties, such as scratch and mar resistance, and appearance that rival conventional systems.

ChromaDyne Base Coats

We understand that color affects emotion and can often be a significant factor in choosing a vehicle. For decades, Axalta has developed thousands of ChromaDyne base coat products and effects to connect car buyers with color. Whether using Axalta’s highly chromatic Vermeera paints or other special effect coatings, ChromaDyne base coats provide unparalleled durability, color, and beauty.

Lumeera Clear Coats

The Lumeera line of clear coats from Axalta offers the ultimate in finish protection, gloss, and appearance. Harsh sunlight, weather conditions, road debris, and other forces attack vehicle finishes. Lumeera clears are formulated to protect a vehicle’s finish from mars, scratches and ultraviolet light.