Polymer Powder Additives

With 50 years of experience, Axalta’s polymer powders are focused on the development and production of ultra-fine thermoplastic powder formulation additives. With its unique combination of precipitation and micronization process technologies, Axalta’s polymer powders capability has established itself as a global leader in this sector, supplying an extensive range of powders to many different industries and customers worldwide.

Axalta’s Coathylene® ultra-fine thermoplastic powders are based on medium to high molecular weight polyolefins with average particle sizes ranging from 10 to 75 microns for the precipitated products. The Coathylene product range also includes milled powders specifically developed for specialty applications requiring coarser particle size distributions.

Axalta’s Gotalene® powders are effective exfoliating beads, well tolerated and available in a wide range of colors and particle sizes. Gotalene powders are used by some of the world’s leading cosmetic products and have demonstrated their ability to efficiently removing the dead skin cells from the skin surface, while being very gentle to the skin (demonstrated by panel tests). Regular exfoliation with Gotalene® allows the user to deeply clean the skin, remove impurities, smooth the skin surface and more generally keep a good skin health condition for a more even skin tone.

The next generation Gotalene®RS is based on polylactic acid, an effective alternative to PE based powders derived from plant sugars. These efficient yet well tolerated powders are an ideal component for use in exfoliating products for face and body. Gotalene RS410 and RS411 are both biodegradable under appropriate conditions and are based on high quality, GMO-free bio-polymers that can contribute to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Explotracer® is an additive used in commercial explosives to identify their origin after the detonation. Commercial explosives are used for purposes such as demolition, avalanche control, and in the mining industry. Due to the heightened security risk inherent to the nature of these products, Explotracer has been designed to enable post-blast tracing to the manufacturer and lot number, helping to solve criminal investigations and reduce explosives manufacturers’ liability.