Utility Trucks

Vehicle body builders and trailers require a coating system that can stand up to conditions that are some of the harshest. From city delivery trucks to off road haulers, tough but colorful is a trend that we started in the 1970s with the introduction of Imron® Polyurethane. Axalta coatings are the standard for performance and color as we provide the same product for both chassis and bodies.

Axalta is renowned as a partner of many major commercial vehicle manufacturers involved in painting complex shapes like trailers, truck lifts built-on cranes, and truck and trailer bodies. Our experience in the body-builder and trailer business constantly inspires continued product development and over the years has resulted in a range of highly productive Imron and Centari® solventborne and waterborne coating systems.

Out of sight but not out of mind are Axalta powder coatings and coating systems used on the many components of off road haulers and city delivery trucks. Alesta® powder coatings are used to protect on chassis, brackets, supports and many others.

PercoTop® offers a line of innovative, easy to apply and efficient coatings systems for trailers and vehicle body applications for customers in Europe. Thanks to an advanced tints and binder system, more than 15,000 colors can be produced quickly and effectively. Coordinated components minimize mistakes and the brand’s modular system means less capital is tied up in inventory. Larger paint quantities are available in ready-mixed color batches that can be tailored to individual customer specifications. PercoTop is available in finishes ranging from matte to high-gloss and a variety of formulations from medium solids and VOC compliant high solids to PercoHyd waterborne coatings.