InventU Internship Program

Invent your career through Axalta’s InventU internship program.
Our world-class internship program is focused on providing college-aged students with real-world experiences at a leading and fast growing coatings and color organization.

Key Project Program

Axalta's InventU provides work experiences that align with our participant’s academic majors. For example, our Corporate Affairs interns have helped create the Axalta employee intranet and our Chemical Engineer interns have helped to identify multiple data correlations in our paint making process that will help improve Axalta’s dispersion manufacturing. Interns at Axalta become an integral part of the business and interact with and take direction from more seasoned employees and leaders. InventU interns apply their “book learnings” to real world challenges throughout their 12-week internship program.

InventU Summer Summit

A key element to Axalta’s InventU program is the annual “InventU Summer Summit,” a week-long conference at Axalta’s global headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. This four-day working session is designed to provide a comfortable, yet professional environment for interns to meet and network with each other, interact with our C-suite and other executives, hear about Axalta’s Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, engage in professional development exercises, and experience the City of Philadelphia. The highlight of the Summit is a friendly competition among the interns as they present ideas to an audience of full-time employees and that address and solve a business challenge faced by Axalta.

"Axalta has proven to be an organization that really invests in its people. Regardless of our individual internship, we have all had the opportunity to learn many other aspects of the business, from working with customers to the chemistry behind our products. This exposure really helps us to understand how our work fits into the bigger picture of Axalta."

-Alexandra Natale, 2017 Axalta Intern

Execu-Com Series

In addition to team-based and individual key projects, Axalta’s InventU internship program gives the entire intern cohort access to our subject matter experts through the “We Paint Futures” speaker series. Members of our global leadership team present how their individual role connects to the broader fabric of a global company and how their personal experiences helped each of them “invent” their careers at Axalta.

Business Presentations

Each Axalta intern makes a formal presentation at the end of the internship that highlights his/her work, their approach to the assigned key project, and key findings. Before the end of each student’s internship, decisions are made to offer each student an opportunity to return to Axalta for another internship or to a full-time job upon completion of their formal education. Axalta is proud of our 70+% conversion rate of intern to full-time offers.

What interns love about Axalta