In support of our InventU internship program, Axalta enjoys a long history of collaboration and partnership with top-ranked colleges and universities around the world. Some of the ways we collaborate is through lecture series and research collaboration for the purpose of business education, internships, curriculum development, student scholarships, as well as joint research programs that advance science and technology.

Axalta Distinguished Lecture Series

The Axalta Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Pennsylvania is part of an ongoing program of cooperation and interaction between scientists at Axalta and the Department of Chemistry of the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. As the only global company focused 100% on coatings, Axalta is committed to advancing science, especially the chemistry of materials for producing coatings that are built to perform.

University of Michigan

Axalta’s partnership with the University of Michigan includes work with faculty and staff at the business school and the engineering school. Through this partnership, we have completed several business projects which include a Supply Chain Optimization Project and a Lab Productivity Project, as well as a research project focusing on the advancement of coating properties.

Villanova University

Axalta’s partnership with Villanova University includes work with faculty and staff in the College of Engineering. We sponsor the Senior Projects Studio providing a senior engineering design project that extends through the duration of the student’s senior year. This research project focuses on process improvements in the manufacture of water-based coatings.

Other University Partnerships Around the World

Axalta partners with several other top-ranked colleges and universities around the world to advance the science of coatings. The nature and length of these partnerships vary but are centered on coatings process and product development. These partnerships include:

North America
University of Pennsylvania
University of Delaware
Queens College

Shanghai Jiaotong University
East China University Science & Technology
Hefei University of Technology
Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Shanghai Tongji University

University of Wuppertal
University of Oviedo
University of Applied Sciences, Vienna
University of Leuven, Belgium