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AquaEC Electrocoats

AquaEC uses patented technology to provide a superior performing corrosion resistant coatings. Our electrocoats meet or exceed the most rigorous specification requirements and are approved in most markets. Our goal is to increase your business profitability. The Axalta team can help to both reduce your process costs with competitive pricing, and improve material productivity. We are experts in analyzing E-Coat chemistry and processes and will do our best to answer your chemistry questions and your equipment concerns. We’ve got the resources and the technical expertise to streamline your system.

We are highly knowledgeable in both E-Coat and optimal process technology to help you achieve world class performance which can help you stay one step ahead of the competition. As an Axalta Coating Systems customer, you will be assigned your own personal E-Coat representative who can provide expert technical advice and serve as a process consultant. We are here to serve you, because at Axalta, we succeed when you succeed.