Efficient, high-performance, reliable engines for hybrid and electric vehicles generate fewer tailpipe emissions than traditional combustion engines.

Growing demand and unique vehicle technology present new requirements and challenges for electrical insulating materials. Electric insulation coatings, which include wire enamels, impregnating resins and self-adhesive electrical sheet finishes used in automotive products, are designed to improve the performance levels of modern electric motors.

  • Voltron™ wire enamels used in high performance voltage motors, such as those used in electric sports cars, enable the use of more powerful or smaller and lightweight motors needed for smaller passenger cars.
  • Insulation from superior wire enamels improves product safety by decreasing unwanted electrical discharges that can occur if air pockets form in the insulation.
  • Voltatex® bondable electrical steel coating products enable engineers to create revolutionary designs in motor geometry and build the most efficient motors—building smaller motors with the same torque as larger ones—and increase driving range. Coatings also significantly reduce the operating noise of the motor.
  • Designed to operate at 428°F (220°C), Voltatex impregnating agents provide excellent thermal and mechanical stability, which allows motors to run hotter and more efficiently.
Electric Vehicle
“Voltron is the first patented nanotechnology-based insulation product that reduces the loss of electricity from the motor.”
Christoph Lomoschitz, Global Product Manager, Axalta Energy Solutions
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