A fundamental role of coatings is to protect the materials they coat from corrosion, enabling those materials to last longer and look beautiful through many years of service.

Electrocoat Technology

The AquaEC™ 6000 series is a family of electrocoats used in automotive and industrial applications to prevent corrosion on steel and aluminum. They form the foundation for other Axalta coatings that create the beautiful, colorful finishes displayed on everything from cars, trucks and parts to appliances, outdoor furniture and fences.

E Coat
Tank of Axalta’s AquaECTM electrocoat coating that prevents metal from corrosion
  • AquaEC’s water-based composition minimizes harmful emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Tin- and lead-free formulations eliminate the use of materials of concern.
  • Excellent adhesion properties require up to 20 percent less material while still providing superb coverage.
  • When applied on lightweight aluminum, AquaEC enables the automotive industry’s efforts to produce lighter weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles that also emit less CO2.
  • Lower curing temperatures can save energy.
  • Because AquaEC leaves a smooth surface, fewer subsequent basecoats and clear coats are needed to provide a beautiful finish, saving time and further reducing materials used.

Protecting Commercial Vehicle Bodies

Garbage trucks, cement mixers, truck utility bodies, trailers and other commercial vehicles operate in tough environments where debris from roads and work sites can damage paint. When the vital anti-corrosion primer coating is chipped and fails prematurely—exposing the underlying steel—assets will corrode, requiring costly repairs, time lost during repairs and even premature replacement. To conserve resources, Axalta developed Imron® Elite 2440S, an epoxy primer designed for superior corrosion protection as well as premium appearance.

Bare metal before coating
Step 1: Bare metal before painting.
Coated with Imron's flexible epoxy primer
Step 2: Coated with Imron flexible epoxy primer.
Completed truck finished with Imron Productive Elite EX
Step 3: Completed truck finished with Imron Elite Productive EX.
  • Special epoxy chemistry provides a high degree of flexibility resulting in enhanced chip resistance that is usually only found in flexible urethane primers.
  • High performance can be achieved at thin film builds of 1.5 to 2.0 mils—1 mil is 0.001 inches or the thickness of an average human hair—making it easy to apply while reducing vehicle weight.
  • The formulation delivers reduced levels of VOCs that help reduce the product’s environmental impact during application.
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